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Pahadi Tejpatta

Pahadi Tejpatta

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"Pahadi Tejpatta" is the proud recipient of GM tag, refers to the Indian bay leaf (Cinnamomum tamala). Tejpatta, or Indian bay leaf, is a fragrant spice with a unique flavor that is often used in Indian cooking to enhance the taste and aroma of various dishes.

  1. Culinary Uses: Pahadi Tejpatta is a common ingredient in Indian cuisine, including the Pahadi region. It is used to flavor a wide range of dishes, such as biryanis, curries, soups, and lentil preparations. It is typically added during the cooking process and is removed before serving, as the leaves can be tough and are not typically consumed.

  2. Medicinal Benefits: In traditional Ayurvedic and herbal medicine systems, Indian bay leaves are believed to have potential health benefits. They are often used for their digestive properties and may be incorporated into remedies for various ailments.

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