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Ragi (Madua) Till Cookies

Ragi (Madua) Till Cookies

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Ragi (Madua) Till Cookies are cookies made from a combination of ragi (finger millet) flour and sesame seeds (till). These cookies offer a blend of the nutty and earthy flavor of ragi and the crunchiness of sesame seeds, creating a unique and relatively healthier snack option.

Nutritional Benefits: These cookies offer the nutritional advantages of ragi, which is known for its high fiber content, vitamins (especially B-complex vitamins), minerals, and antioxidants. Additionally, sesame seeds provide healthy fats, protein, and essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.

Healthier Alternative: Ragi Till Cookies are often considered a healthier choice compared to traditional cookies made with all-purpose flour. Ragi is gluten-free and has a lower glycemic index, making it suitable for those with gluten sensitivities or looking to manage blood sugar levels.

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